The ARCUS Annual Meeting is an important opportunity for ARCUS' Members, Board of Directors, staff, and participants from the broader Arctic research community to connect with one another.

The 2020 meeting was open to all interested participants and there was no cost to attend.

Meeting Goals

  1. Bring members of the ARCUS research community together to meet, talk, and connect
  2. Hear a diversity of ideas to inform ARCUS activities
  3. Discover who may be interested in working together after the meeting

Meeting Outcomes

  1. A brief meeting report that will be shared widely (see file below)
  2. Work together after the meeting
  3. ARCUS Board and staff will use input to inform the implementation of ARCUS strategic goals

Meeting Report

A brief report of the 2020 ARCUS Annual Meeting is now available for download.

2020 ARCUS Annual Meeting Report

2020 ARCUS Annual Meeting Report (PDF - 4.48 MB)

Citation: Myers, B., Wiggins, H., Sheffield Guy, L. (eds). 2020 ARCUS Annual Meeting Report. Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS), Fairbanks, Alaska. 2020

Meeting Agenda

Background Materials

Below are a few additional resources to help you get more familiar with ARCUS!

Meeting "Dress Code" & Code of Conduct

With the meeting being near Halloween, costumes and funny hats were welcome to help make the Annual Meeting a fun, creative, and collaborative experience! We also invited everyone to review the ARCUS Annual Meeting Code of Conduct to help ensure a positive experience for all participants.

For additional information or questions about the meeting, please contact Brit Myers at brit [at]