ARCUS 12th Annual Meeting and Arctic Forum 2000 in Washington D.C. All sessions were held at the Holiday Inn Capitol in Washington D.C. In addition to highlighting important arctic research through our annual science symposium, Arctic Forum, the ARCUS annual meeting served to gather member institution representatives, the board of directors, and the staff of ARCUS together with other members of the arctic research community and key agency personnel and policy makers.

2000 Arctic Forum Volume

The volume of abstracts from the 2000 Arctic Forum are available below in PDF format.

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Download 2000 Arctic Forum Agenda (PDF - 106 KB) Download 2000 Council Forum Agenda (PDF - 106 KB) Download 2000 Arctic Research Support and Logistics Meeting Agenda (PDF - 106 KB)

Poster Presentations

In alphabetical order by first author's last name. An asterix (*) indicates the presenting author if other than the first author.

USCGC HEALY, a new icebreaker to support polar research

Jonathan Berkson, U.S. Coast Guard (G-OPN-1), 2100 2nd Street SW, Washington, D.C. 20593, Phone: 202/267-1457, Fax: 202/267-4222, jberkson [at] comdst.uscg.mil
CDR George DuPree, U.S