Community and Citizen Science

Community and Citizen Science in the Far North is an important initiative that recognizes the need to involve and engage local communities in scientific research in the Arctic region. This type of engagement is crucial for promoting more inclusive and collaborative approaches to research that can help address important environmental and social issues facing the Far North. One of the key challenges in promoting community and citizen science in the Far North is the lack of specific resources and knowledge about this type of research in the Arctic context. By providing opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing among practitioners, the Community and Citizen Science in the Far North initiative can help address this gap and support the growth of this important field.

Project Catalog

The ARCUS Project Catalog includes a diverse array of projects centered on Arctic research. The projects included here focus on community and citizen science efforts. They span from capturing Alaskan soundscapes to investigating invasive species, documenting flora, observing ice, and tracking bees, forge collaborations with various institutions and actively engaging local communities.

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2024 Conference

Save the Date! ARCUS is pleased to announce that we have tentative dates, 17-18 April 2024, for a second conference focusing on Community and Citizen Science in the Far North!  Stay tuned for more details.

2021 Conference

This virtual conference was held 5–7 October 2021. The focus of the conference was on sharing, networking, and discussing the various aspects of conducting community and citizen science research in the Arctic. This conference was in response to a growing community of Arctic researchers, Arctic communities, and Arctic visitors that are becoming more engaged in research. Although there are many resources regarding community and citizen science available online, they are not specific to the Arctic.

Tundra Talks

Tundra Talks is a new webinar series, hosted by ARCUS, that centers around insightful discussions on Community and Citizen Science in the Arctic region. Through thoughtful conversations and shared perspectives, Tundra Talks aims to foster a deeper understanding of the vital role of community and citizen science in the Arctic, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange for the benefit of both local residents and the broader scientific community.

Connect the Arctic

Connect the Arctic is a site created by ARCUS for connecting people, building partnerships, and growing community. Currently, there are two groups, the Arctic Science Education Network and Community and Citizen Science in the Far North. We encourage you to explore these new community spaces.

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Scientific research in the Arctic necessitates good communication and cooperation with northern communities. ARCUS has a compilation of resources, recommendations, and "best practices" from a variety of organizations. 

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