Values, Vision, and Mission

Updated: Summer 2017

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The Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) has been connecting Arctic research since 1988. Because of its regional nature, Arctic research often cuts across multiple disciplines, organizations, nations, and populations. ARCUS provides intangible infrastructure to support the formation and enhancement of connections across these boundaries, working toward a more holistic understanding of the Arctic. Supported by government agencies, foundations, and others who share a desire to advance Arctic knowledge, ARCUS maintains a portfolio of programs to communicate, educate, coordinate, and collaborate to advance Arctic understanding.

ARCUS members advance understanding of the Arctic through science, technology, Indigenous knowledge, and education. Members promote the application of this knowledge to Arctic and global challenges, and address questions that require the collaborative skills and resources of scientists, engineers, educators, Indigenous knowledge holders, and others. ARCUS works closely with other organizations with Arctic interests, such as the U.S. Arctic Research Commission (USARC), the Polar Research Board (PRB), the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA), the European Polar Board, the Arctic Council and its scientific working groups, the Association for Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), and Polar Educators International (PEI).

ARCUS is a U.S. 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that serves the Arctic research community. Membership is open to academic, research, government, Indigenous, and corporate organizations, as well as individuals who want to advance Arctic research. Representatives of member organizations constitute the Council of ARCUS and elect the Board of Directors. Members receive preferential opportunities to lead, support, and participate in ARCUS activities.


ARCUS Values:

  • Shared Knowledge
  • Transparency
  • Multi-Knowledge and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
  • Informed Decision-Making
  • Engagement


ARCUS envisions strong and productive connections among U.S. and international Arctic researchers, educators, Indigenous knowledge holders, Arctic residents, and other stakeholders to promote exploration and understanding of the Arctic.


ARCUS catalyzes interdisciplinary thinking, acting, and educating, which produces collaborative partnerships.


  1. Clear Identity - ARCUS will be known for connecting Arctic research across boundaries.

  2. Organizational Strength - ARCUS will have an engaged, dedicated, and capable board, membership, and staff.

  3. Fiscal Stability - ARCUS will secure diverse funding sources to support a range of programs that advance the mission.

  4. Impact - ARCUS will galvanize the Arctic research community, address stakeholder needs, and raise awareness of the importance and value of Arctic research.


View the current ARCUS bylaws here.


The ARCUS headquarters are located in Fairbanks, Alaska at:
3535 College Road, Suite 101
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-3710 USA
Phone: 907-474-1600
Fax: 907-474-1604
info [at]

View archived ARCUS federal advocacy information here.