The ARCUS Annual Meeting is an important opportunity for ARCUS' Members, Board of Directors, staff, and other interested individuals to meet, talk, and connect with one another around key Arctic research and education issues and collaboration opportunities.

The meeting is open to all interested participants and there is no cost to attend. The meeting will focus on small group discussions to encourage sharing and networking.

Meeting Goals

  • CONNECT: Bring members of the Arctic research and education community together to meet, talk, and connect.
  • SHARE: Explore what individuals and organizations are doing to address key challenges and opportunities.
  • ADVANCE: Identify actionable ways we can work together and support each other.

Meeting Agenda

Please check back or register here to receive an email update when the annual meeting agenda is posted.

Meeting Atmosphere & "Dress Code"

We sincerely hope attendees will take our invitation to "come as you are" to this virtual gathering to heart! ARCUS Annual Meetings are intentionally designed to be fun, casual networking events. ALL ARE WELCOME and we completely appreciate the quirks and interruptions that accompany virtual participation (pets are always welcome to our meetings).

With the meeting being the day after Halloween this year, costumes and funny hats are once again welcome to help make the Annual Meeting a fun experience!

Code of Conduct

We also invite everyone to take a couple moments to review the ARCUS Annual Meeting Code of Conduct to help ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Contact Us

For additional information or questions about the meeting, please contact Brit Myers at brit [at]