2022 ARCUS Annual Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 1 November 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Alaska Time) Time Converter
Location: Online event

Meeting Description

The ARCUS Annual Meeting is an important opportunity for ARCUS' Members, Board of Directors, staff, and other interested individuals to meet, talk, and connect with one another around key Arctic research and education issues and collaboration opportunities. The meeting format focuses on small group discussions to encourage sharing and networking.

ARCUS Annual Meetings are open to all interested participants, there is no cost to attend, and they are intentionally designed to be fun, casual networking events. The ARCUS Annual Meeting Code of Conduct is shared prior to the meeting to further ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Meeting Report

ARCUS Annual Meeting Report Cover PageA report of the ARCUS 2022 Annual Meeting is now available for download (PDF - 6.25MB. The report provides an overview of the meeting, a synthesis of the event’s small group discussions, links to shared resources, as well as a number of ideas and recommendations to inform future Arctic research community collaboration activities. We hope other organizations and individuals will join us in using the ARCUS Annual Meeting discussions to inform the development of their own partnerships and strategies to address the needs of the Arctic research community.

ARCUS will be sharing images and short videos of our community members during meeting breaks to help everyone get to know each other better. These could be snapshots of you at work (or play) in the Arctic or more general photos of everyday life with friends, family, and pets! If you have any photos or short video links that you would like to contribute to our community album, please provide links to or upload your files below.

To better serve our community, we are interested in learning more about who attends ARCUS events. The questions below are optional and may be skipped if you've completed them in prior ARCUS event registration forms. We will not share your individual data outside of ARCUS.

Meeting Organizers

The 2022 ARCUS Annual Meeting is being organized by the following members of the ARCUS Membership Committee:

  • Adrian Gall (ABR)
  • Stacey Fritz (NREL/CCHRC)
  • Heather Sauyag Jean Gordon (Child Trends)
  • Åsa Rennermalm (Rutgers University)
  • Ming Xiao (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Emily Maxwell (University of Alaska Anchorage)
  • Helen Wiggins (ARCUS)
  • Brit Myers (ARCUS)

Contact Us

For additional information or questions about the meeting, please contact Brit Myers at brit [at] arcus.org.

Presentation Download: 

Current ARCUS Member institutions have submitted the presentations below with updates on their 2022 Arctic research activities. We invite ARCUS Annual Meeting participants to review these files in advance of the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, 1 November 2022 as they will help to inform the meeting's breakout discussions.

ARCUS Introduction Video

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The George Washington University

Alaska Ocean Observing System

Kawerak, Inc.

Sitka Sound Science Center

Arctic Centre, ULapland

Note: This is a recording of a live presentation that occurred during the ARCUS Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, poor connectivity during the event resulted in reduced video quality for the first minute of this video.

University of Southern Maine

Sandia National Laboratories

U.S. Permafrost Association

Arizona State University

University of the Arctic (UArctic)

ABR, Inc.

University of Virginia