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Kangerlussuaq Science Field School channel:

JSEP 2013

Watson River and discharge 2013

Sea tomatoes and lakes 2013

Biodiversity and shrubs, 2013

How much the ice melts at Point 660, 2013

Russell Glacier 2013

JSEP 2012

Discharge measurements at Watson River, Kangerlussuaq

Water discharge at Watson River, Kangerlussuaq

Point 660

Russel Glacier

The bridge at Watson River destroyed July 12, 2012

How much the icecap melts at Kangerlussuaq

Lake Ferguson at Kangerlussuaq

JSEP 2011

2011 Joint Science Education Project: Research Experience in Polar Science. Geological Society of America

Jeannie Wilkening, Canyon del Oro High School, Tuson, AZ

Vincent Ader, South Lake High School, St. Clair Shores, MI