Stephen Roe | Tuesday, 13 February 2007 - Friday, 16 February 2007

13 February 2007 to 16 February 2007
Stephen Roe

In February 2007 Stephen Roe participated in the Alaska Forum on the Environment (AFE), an annual event designed to introduce scientific information, share traditional knowledge, and provide solutions to promote a clean and sustainable environment. The conference recorded over 1,200 attendees last year, and a similar number of participants attended this meeting. A large percentage of forum participants were Alaska Native, many whom flew in from remote villages throughout the state. Other attendees included scientists, citizens, regulators and tribal leaders.

As part of his tour, Mr. Roe also participated in a large meeting convened by the Mayor of Anchorage for business leaders; a high school presentation organized by Alaska Youth for Environmental Action; and an evening public presentation that will be widely advertised. Mr. Roe participated in a radio interview, two newspaper interviews, and a meeting with the faculty and students associated with the University of Alaska Anchorage Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Stephen Roe is a Senior Scientist at E.H. Pechan and Associates, Inc., a private air quality consulting firm. He is also affiliated with the Center for Climate Strategies, a non-profit organization that specializes in assisting states and local agencies in developing climate change action plans. At Pechan, Mr. Roe directs work on toxic air pollutant emissions studies, climate change, and private sector regulatory support. In recent years, Mr. Roe has consulted for federal agencies (U.S. EPA, Environment Canada), air quality regional planning organizations, many state and local agencies, and private industry. Mr. Roe's areas of expertise include the development of emission inventories for toxic and criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases/aerosols, as well as control programs covering all of these pollutants. He is a leading expert on the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in Alaska and on measures to curb emissions.