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We regret to announce that the National Science Foundation will not be funding the Arctic Visiting Speakers (AVS) Program

Our thanks to the National Science Foundation for 13 years of support as well as to the many speakers who educated thousands of individuals across the U.S. and internationally about arctic research topics.

We are in the process of initiating a search for outside funding for the AVS program. If you have a suggestion of a company, foundation, or association who would have an interest in funding a small educational outreach program with a large impact, please contact Judy at

About the Program

The Arctic Visiting Speakers Program funds researchers and other arctic experts to travel and share their knowledge in communities where they might not otherwise connect. Speakers cover a wide range of arctic research topics and can address a variety of audiences including the general public, academics, students, community leaders, and organization members.

This year AVS is making small changes. We would like to encourage new applicants from small museums, environmental education centers, small colleges and urban schools to apply to host a speaker. Though all submitted applications will be considered, we will be looking for applications that bring speakers out of Alaska and the Arctic and into under-served populations which normally may not have exposure to arctic education from an arctic expert.

We are also interested in having AVS serve a wide variety of audiences including the general public, students, school-aged children, organizations, and community leaders. Individual tours that serve to integrate many different audiences are encouraged.


All inquiries regarding the Arctic Visiting Speakers Series should be directed to:

Judy Fahnestock
3535 College Road, Suite 101
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-3710
Phone: 907-474-1600, Fax: 907-474-1604

The Arctic Visiting Speakers Program is supported by the National Science Foundation Division of Arctic Sciences and administered by ARCUS.

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From AVS Participants

"Regardless of all the communication technologies we currently have at our fingertips, person-to-person contact is indispensable and by far the most powerful and lasting mode of communication. Thank you for honoring and facilitating it." - K. Heuer (speaker)

"This was one of the most interesting events in my life! All the staff of the Institute are very thankful to ARCUS for this opportunity to host such a brilliant scientist..." -A. Chepil (host)

“Absolutely this is a fantastic program... Tremendous thanks to both ARCUS and the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs for funding such a worthwhile program.” - A. Eilers (host)

"It was so positive. Thank you for the opportunity. You were so easy to work with." - L. Herwald (host)

"I am very thankful for the opportunity for this sharing. We have created good cooperation for the future." - A. Lynge (speaker)

"This was a fabulous opportunity and I truly believe it will generate ongoing collaborations and efforts that can support real improvement in educational opportunities for students in Alaska and Greenland."
- D. Hirshberg (host)