Permafrost Carbon Network

The Permafrost Carbon Network started in 2011 with the objective to synthesize existing research about permafrost carbon and climate in a format that can be assimilated by biospheric and climate models, and that will contribute to future assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The network includes more than 300 scientists from 88 research institutions located in 17 countries. Learn more about the Network and its current research by visiting the PCN website:

Synthesis Workshops on High Latitude Carbon Dioxide Exchange

Arctic Data Center LogoIn 2018, the Permafrost Action Team held two synthesis workshops on 'Reconciling historical and contemporary trends in terrestrial carbon exchange of the northern permafrost zone' at the Arctic Data Center in Santa Barbara, CA. Both workshop built on past syntheses to provide a current estimate of high-latitude permafrost zone CO2 fluxes and lay out a framework for regular future updates.

SEARCH International Methane Budgets Workshop

The International Workshop to Reconcile Northern Permafrost Methane Budgets was held 7-9 March 2017 in Seattle, Washington. Information on workshop objectives, products, agenda, participants, and other information is available on the workshop website.