The "Understanding Arctic Change" component of SEARCH includes activities such as modeling, paleo reconstructions, and studies of interactions between arctic environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural changes.

Understanding Arctic Change Task Force

An ad hoc Task Force was convened in late 2009 to lead community activities to establish a long-term vision and provide the scientific framework of a modern effort for understanding the arctic system, with input and review from the broader community. This Task Force is a collaboration between the SEARCH and ARCSS programs.

Through a small workshop, a white paper was developed to:

  1. Identify key unknowns and key science questions for understanding arctic system change, and

  2. Identify the next steps in synthesis activities, methodologies, mechanisms, and approaches to address the identified key science questions.

Understanding Arctic Change White Paper (PDF - 283 KB)

Task Force Members (PDF - 95 KB)

Initial Task Force Prospectus (PDF - 58 KB)

For more information, contact helen [at] arcus.org (Helen Wiggins)title="Email Helen Wiggins", ARCUS.