Event Type
Webinars and Virtual Events

Speaking: Paul Overduin, Alfred Wegener Institute, Susanna Gartler, University of Vienna, and Gustaf Hugelius, Stockholm University

Event Dates
Online: 2:00 am AKDT, 6:00 am EDT, 11:00 am CET

This webinar will provide an overview of EU Arctic permafrost research activities, current fields of study and future research needs in a policy relevant context. The three presenters will include perspectives from multiple disciplines. Paul Overduin (Alfred Wegener Institute) will focus on the physical research activities from FP7 to Horizon 2020 and talk about the hot research topics in the near future. Susanna Gartler (University of Vienna) will talk about the relevance of permafrost to those living in the north, community engagement and the relevance-link between environmental change and people. Gustaf Hugelius (Stockholm University) will outline permafrost relevance in the climate change context.