Event Type

Polar Regions, Climate Change and Society

Event Dates
2021-02-28 - 2021-03-04
Potsdam, Germany

*Note: The 28th International Polar Conference was scheduled for 6 September to 11 September 2020 and then 28 February to 4 March 2021 in Cologne, Germany, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to ongoing restrictions it will not be possible to hold a larger conference in March 2021. Therefore, the DGP steering committee decided to further postpone the 28th International Polar Conference. We will carefully observe and assess the evolving situation. Thus, two time slots have been identified, one in October 2021 and one in March 2022.

So far, it is planned to hold the 28th International Polar Conference from 10 to 14 October 2021.*

Situated on Telegrafenberg, the Science Park „Albert Einstein“ will provide a marvellous venue for this conference. The conference will be hosted by the AWI Potsdam (Prof. Bernhard Diekmann). The colloquium of the Priority Program „Antarctic Research“ of the
German Research Foundation will be part of the conference. Detailed information will be given at the end of August/beginning of September 2020.

The German Society for Polar Research invites you to attend the 28th International Polar Conference to discuss the polar regions, climate change and consequences for the earth system and society. Contributions are welcome in the field of polar and high mountain research covering the following and related topics:

  • Polar Research in a Changing Society
  • Humans in the Changing Arctic
  • Coole Klassen – Polarbildung in der Schule
  • Atmosphere, Sea-Ice, and the Polar Ocean
  • Glaciers, Ice Sheets and Sea-level Rise
  • Hunting the Oldest Ice
  • Tectonics and Geodynamic Processes of Polar Regions
  • Stratigraphy and Evolutionary Dynamics at High Latitudes
  • Facing Polar Climate Change: Insights from the Past
  • Permafrost in a warming World: Impacts and Consequences
  • Organisms in the face of Climate Change: Discoveries and New Approaches
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics in Polar Regions
  • Needs for Innovative Polar Infrastructure
  • Polar Resources and Governance: Chances and Risks
  • Polar Ecosystems: State, Changes and Management
  • Polar Research through the Lens of an Artist

Conference language: English (special German Sessions are possible).