Water and Development: scientific challenges in addressing societal issues

Event Dates

The IAHS Scientific Assembly will take place 10 - 14 July 2017, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Submission deadline for all sessions has been extended to 6 March 2017.

Scientific programme of the IAHS Scientific Assembly:

  • 01 Water security and the food-water-energy nexus: drivers, responses and feedbacks at local to global scales
  • 02 Hydrology and the Anthropocene
  • 03 Understanding spatio-temporal variability of water resources and the implications for IWRM in the semi-arid east and southern Africa
  • 04 Water Balance and Crop Water Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa Agricultural Watersheds
  • 05 Land use change impacts on water resources
  • 06 Water resources management and the competition/balance between humans and ecosystems (eco-hydrology)
  • 07 Measurements in the 21st century: innovation in hydrological observations
  • 08 Environmental and artificial tracers as indicators in hydrology
  • 09 Innovative ICT tools for water management and science
  • 10 Prediction in ungauged basins
  • 11 Modelling hydrological processes for prediction under change
  • 12 Probabilistic forecasts and land-atmosphere interactions to advance hydrological predictions
  • 13 Extreme events: links between science and practice
  • 14 Advances in cold-region hydrological models: Integration of process understanding and application to climate and landcover changes
  • 15 Operational snowmelt runoff modelling: Advances and prospects for water management
  • 16 Water quality and sediment transport issues in surface water
  • 17 Long-term evolution in catchment water quality
  • 18 Changing biogeochemistry of aquatic systems in the Anthropocene: inter-comparison of data and models for predicting water quality
  • 19 Advancements in modeling and characterization of aquifer
  • 20 Methodologies for risk assessment of groundwater contamination
  • 21 Quantifying uncertainty in hydrological systems: A Bayesian point of view
  • 22 Nonstationarity in Hydrology: Theories, Methods and Applications
  • 23 Multivariate statistics for hydrological application
  • 24 Stochastic hydrology: simulation and disaggregation models
  • 25 Graduate Schools in Water Sciences
  • 26 Facilitating Scientific contributions in water diplomacy and cooperation processes