Event Type
Conferences and Workshops

Hosted during the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016

Event Dates
2016-05-09 - 2016-05-13
Prague, Czech Republic

Since the start of operations, the CryoSat mission has been providing systematic data to the scientific community supported by validation and calibration activities to ensure high data quality. The 4th CryoSat Workshop is intended to provide a forum to present and discuss all topics related to the exploitation of the CryoSat mission and to identity novel scientific challenges.

The CryoSat 4th User Workshop is organised, as a dedicated event, within the Living Planet Symposium 2016.

It will focus on CryoSat technical/engineering/operational/Validation and novel applications driven by the missions.

Major scientific results, based on the exploitation of the CryoSat products in combination with other sensors and modelling, will be part of the thematic sessions of the Living Planet Symposium 2016 on Cryosphere, Hydrology and Oceanography.

Objectives of the CryoSat 4th User Workshop (CUW):

  • Provide information on the mission status
  • Provide information on the latest and future CryoSat IPF developments and improvements
  • Inform about the CryoSat mission performance, product status, calibration and validation results as well as new kind of validation approaches
  • Receive recommendations from the CryoSat users to improve the CS2 ocean and ice processors
  • Identify opportunities of exploiting CryoSat data for service –oriented applications
  • Identify potential synergies of CS2 products with modelling (validation, assimilation) and with other EO satellite missions for validation purposes (new metrics) and higher level processing (multi-sensor mapping)
  • Define recommendation for a CryoSat mission extension and requirements for a CryoSat mission follow-on

CryoSat users are encouraged to apply to the 4th CryoSat Workshop, by selecting "User-Workshop" as one of the keywords and "CryoSat" as satellite data keyword when submitting abstracts to the Living Planet Symposium. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 16 October 2015.