ACCAP Webinar: Precipitation Trends in Alaska: Data Limitations and Complex Controls

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 17 June 2014

Where: Online: 10:00AM AKDT

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ACCAP Climate Webinars promote dialogue and a forum for discussion and information exchange between all stakeholders in Alaska. Accessible statewide, the webinars identify existing information gaps and how best to fill them. Each webinar starts with 20–30 minutes of presentation followed by discussion and questions from participants.

ACCAP has a webinar scheduled for 17 June, 2014 at 10am AKDT time. Stephanie A McAfee of the University of Nevada, Reno is speaking on "Precipitation trends in Alaska: Data limitations and complex controls".

Changes in precipitation are important drivers of many observed hydrological and ecological processes, and precipitation is a key component of many studies. However, existing studies of precipitation trends in Alaska simply did not agree about the magnitude or even direction of trends. We revisited the question, analyzing homogeneity and trends in station data and three commonly used gridded precipitation data sets. We identified numerous inhomogeneities in both the station data and the gridded products and discovered that the three gridded products displayed very dissimilar patterns of trend. Finally, we will present some suggests for moving forward despite the imperfect data.
Study authors: Stephanie McAfee (UN - Reno), Galina Guentchev (NCAR) and Jon K. Eischeid (CIRES)

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