Martha T. Muse Fellows Colloquium

"What will Antarctica and the Southern Ocean look like in 2065?"

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 22 April 2014

Where: Queenstown, New Zealand

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Organizers announce the first Martha T. Muse Fellows Colloquium, entitled "Beyond the Horizon - Antarctica and the Southern Ocean 2065." The colloquium will be held 22 April 2014 in Queenstown, New Zealand.

This colloquium, which is part of the First SCAR Antarctic and Southern Ocean Horizon Scan, will convene a panel of Martha Muse Prize awardees and guests to address the ramifications of dramatic population and climate changes forecasted for the next two decades.

The colloquium panel will include Martha T. Muse Prize Fellows:
- Steven Chown, terrestrial ecologist and policy adviser, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia;
- Helen Fricker, glaciologist and satellite observational specialist, University of California, San Diego, U.S.;
- Jose Xavier, marine biologist ecologist and marine mammals expert, University of Coimbra and the British Antarctic Survey, Portugal/United Kingdom;
- Steve Rintoul, physical oceanographic modeler and observationalist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia; and
- Martin Siegert, glaciologist and geologist, University of Bristol University, United Kingdom.

The Muse Fellows will be joined on the panel by Neil Gilbert, policy adviser and Antarctic governance expert, Antarctica New Zealand and Gary Wilson, marine geologist and geophysicist and paleoclimate expert, Director of the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute.