Community Input Into SEARCH 5-Year Goals and Objectives

Study of Environmental Arctic ChangeStudy of Environmental Arctic Change

In April, the SEARCH Science Steering Committee (SSC) released a set of draft 5-year goals and objectives for review by the broader arctic science community. The goals and objectives will direct the SEARCH program in the next five years. They are not intended to represent all of the science questions important for SEARCH, but have been selected as shorter-term priorities that are ready for implementation.

The draft SEARCH goals focus on four areas: ice-diminished Arctic Ocean, warming permafrost, land ice and sea level, and societal and policy implications. Together, the goals will provide significant insight into arctic system change as a whole.

The SEARCH SSC has reviewed the community input and is currently revising the goals, which will be released in their revised form via ArcticInfo and through the SEARCH website. The SEARCH SSC will then be working closely with agency representatives on a plan to implement the goals through research opportunities and community activities.

For more information on the draft goals and additional background information, go to: or contact Helen Wiggins, ARCUS, at helen [at]