In April 2010, NOAA released a draft Arctic Vision and Strategy, which provides a high-level framework and strategic goals to address NOAA's highest priorities in the region. This report articulates a vision for the Arctic based on assumptions that the region will continue to experience dramatic change, become more accessible to human activities, and be a focus of increasing global strategic interest.

NOAA identified six strategic goals:

  1. Forecast sea ice;

  2. Strengthen foundational science to understand and observe changes in arctic climate and ecosystems;

  3. Improve weather and water forecasts and warnings;

  4. Enhance national and international partnerships;

  5. Improve the stewardship and management of Arctic Ocean and coastal resources; and

  6. Advance the development of healthy and resilient communities and economies in the Arctic.

Public comment on the draft report closed 25 June 2010. A final report will be released in November 2010. NOAA will next develop a five-year arctic action plan and budget, anticipating a $10 million initial investment to support this strategy. Implementation of the action plan is scheduled for early summer 2011.

For more information, see: or contact Tracy Rouleau, NOAA/National Weather Service (tracy.rouleau [at] .