Update on U.S. Antarctic Program

30 October 2013

Update on U.S. Antarctic Program
28 October 2013 Announcement
National Science Foundation

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Officials at the National Science Foundation (NSF)--working
cooperatively with the agency's private-sector, military and interagency
partners--are restoring field science supported by the U.S. Antarctic
Program, the nation's research program on the southernmost continent, to
the maximum extent possible, following the October federal government

NSF, which has a Presidential mandate to manage the U.S. Antarctic
Program, was required to suspend most of its activities in Antarctica
during the recent 16-day partial shutdown and move towards a reduced
operations, or "caretaker" status at each of the three U.S. Antarctic
stations, until federal funding could be restored.

In mid-October, after a Continuing Resolution was approved to keep the
government running until mid-January, NSF and its U.S. Antarctic Program
partners began examining the planned research schedule to see how much
could still be accomplished by the end of the field season, in February
of 2014, while simultaneously ramping back up the complex logistical
framework needed to support the science.

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