By: ARCUS Staff

ARCUS 2022 Annual MeetingOn 1 November 2022, the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS) held its 33rd Annual Meeting. The three-hour event was held virtually and brought together the ARCUS staff, Board of Directors, and Institutional Member Representatives to meet with individual ARCUS members, partners, and others active in Arctic research and education. The 120 meeting attendees took part in small group discussions focused on the following themes:

  • Employing Indigenous Co-Production Frameworks & Supportive Practices
  • Identifying Supports for International Collaboration
  • Bridging Alaskan & North Atlantic Arctic Research Agendas
  • Exploring ARCUS Member Goals, Activities, & Expertise
  • Promoting Alignment Across Arctic Research Networks

A report on the meeting discussions and recommendations is in development and will be made available to the broader Arctic community.

2022 ARCUS Institutional Members
2022 ARCUS Institutional Members.

The ARCUS Annual Meeting also provided an opportunity for ARCUS member institutions to provide updates on the Arctic research activities taking place within each of their organizations and highlight potential areas for collaboration. These updates may be accessed online here and have been shared by the following ARCUS Institutional Members:

The Annual Meeting was organized by the members of the 2022 ARCUS Membership Committee: Adrian Gall (ABR, Inc.), Heather Sauyaq Jean Gordon (Child Trends), Emily Maxwell (University of Alaska Anchorage), Åsa Rennermalm (Rutgers University), Ming Xiao (Pennsylvania State University), Helen Wiggins (ARCUS), and Brit Myers (ARCUS).

ARCUS is a 501c3 nonprofit consortium of individual and institutional members working together to promote strong and productive connections among US and international Arctic researchers, educators, Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge holders, Arctic residents and local experts, and other stakeholders to improve understanding of the changing Arctic. To learn more about our community and how to get involved, please visit us online at