SSC - Agency Meeting February 2012 Background Materials

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Draft of Vision and Mission Statement (PDF 54 KB)

Draft Goals and Objectives (Updated 7 Feb 2012) (PDF - 144 KB)

Strategic Planning Materials

Strategic Planning Roadmap (PDF - 180 KB)

Memo: Ways Forward for SEARCH (PDF - 1.8 MB)

Agency and Other Program Information

Compilation of Agency Priorities (PDF - 145 KB)

SEARCH Draft Goals Compared to Existing SEARCH Reports/Science Questions (XLSX - 13 KB)

USARC Report on the Goals and Objectives for Arctic Research 2011–2012

SEARCH Reports and Plans

2009 AON Status Report and Recommendations
Arctic Observing Network (AON): 2009 Status Report and Key Recommendations. Results from the Third AON PI Meeting.

2008 Arctic Observation Integration Workshop Report
Arctic Observation Integration: Workshops Report. 2008.

2005 SEARCH Implementation Workshop Report
Study of Environmental Arctic Change: Plans for Implementation
During the International Polar Year and Beyond Report of the SEARCH Implementation Workshop, May 23 -25, 2005

2003 SEARCH Implementation Strategy
Study of Environmental Arctic Change Implementation Strategy, Revision 1.0, October 2003
2003 Implementation Strategy (PDF - 634 KB)

2001 Science Plan
Study of Environmental Arctic Change Science Plan, 2001.
2001 SEARCH Science Plan (PDF - 4.9 MB)

Additional Background Materials

Update on AON Design and Implementation (ADI) Activities (PDF - 164 KB)

AON Coordination Workshop Website