SEARCH Science Steering Committee (SSC) Planning Meeting
25-26 May 2016
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
EOL Atrium Conference Room
Foothills Lab Building 1 (FL1)
3450 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, Colorado

The SEARCH Science Steering Committee and Action Team leads will hold a regular in-person planning meeting 25-26 May, 2016 in Boulder, CO.

Meeting participation is by invitation only.
Please contact Brit Myers (brit [at] for more information.


Meeting Location
All meeting sessions will be held at the NCAR Foothills Laboratory Building 1 (FL1) EOL Atrium Conference room. Map & Directions:

Meeting Hotel
Holiday Inn Express, 4777 N Broadway. Map & Directions:…
Rooms have already been reserved for meeting participants under each guest's name. Guests will be asked to provide a credit card number during their stay to cover incidental room costs only.

Ground Transportation
We will have rental car-pools and an 8:00am NCAR shuttle on May 25th to assist you with travel between the Holiday Inn Express and our meeting facility at NCAR. Where opportunities exist to arrange rental car-pools from the Denver International Airport, ARCUS staff will contact you directly to coordinate. Other carpooling opportunities for travel in and around the group's Boulder destinations are also suggested below:

May 25: Hotel to NCAR Foothills Lab - 8:00am
1) NCAR Shuttle: Helen Wiggins (Guide), Dee Williams, Bob Bindschadler, Christina Schädel, Breck Bowden, Steve Vavrus, George Kling, Jennifer Francis. Note: Betsy Baker will be arriving at NCAR from another early AM meeting (will not be on shuttle)
2) Brendan, Bob, Brit, & Ted should all plan to drive to NCAR also. However, due to various AM meeting prep activities we did not want to assign anyone car-pool tasks this morning.

May 25: NCAR to Boulder Cork Restaurant (and back to Hotel) -5:30/7:30pm
1) Brendan Kelly (Driver): Dee Williams, Bob Bindschadler, Betsy Baker
2) Bob Rich (Driver): Breck Bowden, Steve Vavrus, George Kling
3) Ted Schuur (Driver): Christina Schädel, Jennifer Francis
4) Lisa Guy (Driver): Helen Wiggins, Brit Myers

May 26: Hotel to NCAR - 8:00am
1) Brendan Kelly (Driver): Dee Williams, Bob Bindschadler, Betsy Baker
2) Bob Rich (Driver): Breck Bowden, Steve Vavrus, George Kling
3) Lisa Guy (Driver): Brit Myers, Helen Wiggins

May 26: NCAR to Hotel/Denver Airport
1) Lisa (Driver): Dee Williams (to Boulder Hotel) - 2:00pm
2) Brendan Kelly: Helen Wiggins, Betsy Baker (to Denver Hotel) - 4:30pm. Note: Betsy has another afternoon meeting and may decide to take shuttle instead.
3) Bob Rich: Bob Bindschadler (to Denver Airport) - 4:30pm
4) Lisa Guy: Brit Myers (to Denver Airport) - 4:30pm
5) We anticipate all other travelers will be taking earlier shuttles or other forms of transportation to their post-meeting destination. If you need assistance with these plans, please contact Brit (brit [at]

A number of other ground transportation options are also available for travel to and around Boulder:

Per Diem and Provided Meals
Each meeting participant will receive a per diem reimbursement for both your meeting and travel days. A free continental breakfast will be available each morning at the meeting hotel. We will also have a coffee/tea/beverage service available during both meetings and some lite snacks available during meeting breaks. Lunch will be on-your-own in the NCAR cafeteria; note that it is cash-only with an ATM located nearby.

We have also planned an optional group dinner for Wednesday evening May 25th at Boulder Cork restaurant (3295 30th St; starting at 6pm. If you will be unable to join us for this event, please let Brit know.

Receipts and Travel Reimbursement Paperwork
Please keep your flight boarding passes, ground transportation receipts, and any additional receipts that you acquire for miscellaneous travel expenses. Keeping receipts for meals/food items is not necessary, however. Brit will be following up with travelers directly to provide information on completing ARCUS' travel reimbursement paperwork.

Virtual Participation
Webcasting instructions will be sent to the participants who have been invited to join the meeting virtually. If you plan to attend, please let Brit know the days/times you will be available.