Note: The workshop will be held even if the US government shutdown continues through the workshop dates.

This will not be a meeting with a long series of plenary talks - we'll have a very short plenary session on the first morning, then move directly into break-out groups. So be prepared to stay engaged and contribute throughout the meeting! In addition, the meeting will follow an "adaptive model" for the agenda; we will adjust times, sessions, and specific topics as needed and as agreed by workshop participants during the meeting.

Final Agenda

Sunday, 6 October 2013
Registration & workshop namebadge/materials pick-up available 6:00-8:00 pm, outside Gallery II Meeting Room.

Monday, 7 October 2013

8:30 am Opening plenary: introductory talks

  • Welcome and purpose of the workshop from the workshop co-chairs (Jackie Richter-Menge)
  • Comments from NSF (Jen Mercer)
  • Comments from the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (Sandra Starkweather)
  • Science drivers of logistics needs; results of community survey (Jamie Morison)
  • Brief review of community survey results (Matthew Shupe)
  • Plan for the day and details for Break-out session I (Jackie Richter-Menge)

10:15 am Break

10:30 am Break-out session I: A shared vision of future logistics support (Break-out group leads TBD; groups will be pre-assigned)

  • Group members introduce themselves/ice-breaker, review break-out group 'ground rules'
  • Envision arctic field research 10 or 20 years from now in an ideal world (i.e., no funding constraints) – what does field research 'look like'?
  • What logistics support is in place?
  • How is the support delivered?
  • How would it be the same or different from today?

12:00 pm Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm Plenary: break-out group reports, discussion, the plan for Break-out session II

2:15 pm Break-out session II: Logistics needs for arctic domains: terrestrial, marine, ice sheets, atmosphere, social sciences)

  • Introductions
  • What's needed in the long term (10-20 years) do the best science in each domain? (from expensive, long-term investments to smaller investments or needs)
  • Are there logistics limitations that are preventing the best science?
  • What are the more immediate or small-scale needs?
  • May need to start prioritizing needs

3:45 pm Report to plenary and discussion, begin to highlight common themes

5:00 pm Adjourn for day

Organizing Committee meets in evening

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8:30 am Morning Plenary: Recap of yesterday, today's plans

9:00 am Break-out session III: Platforms (Participants can select which break-out group to join. Break as needed).

  1. Alaska sector (includes Toolik, Barrow, other hubs, and remote locations)
  2. Greenland sector (includes Summit and remote locations)
  3. Marine operations (includes research ships, oceanographic studies, etc.)
  4. Ice camps (short term and long term, shore fast)
  5. Autonomous platforms in ocean, air, ice, and land (AUV, UAS, buoys, automated stations, satellites)
  • Introductions
  • What's needed in the long term (10-20 years) for each tool/platform to support the best science? (from expensive, long-term investments to smaller investments or needs)
  • What are the more immediate or small-scale needs?
  • May need to prioritize needs

11:00 am Report to plenary, discussion, and the plan for the afternoon

12:15 pm Lunch (on your own)

1:30 pm Break-out session IV: Cross-cutting issues (Break as needed.)

  1. Interagency coordination (including public and public sectors)
  2. International coordination
  3. High-level coordination of field opportunities and assets (e.g. improved communication)
  4. Capacity building (e.g., training new researchers and logistic providers)
  5. Maximizing safety/minimizing risk
  • Introductions (if needed)
  • For each cross-cutting topic, what is the vision of the best-case scenario in 5-10 years?
  • What specific steps or actions need to be done to achieve that vision?

3:30 pm Report to plenary and discussion

5:00 pm Adjourn for day

5:15-6:45 pm Reception at National Science Foundation Headquarters Atrium (4201 Wilson Boulevard, 1 block from hotel)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

8:30 am Morning Plenary: Recap of yesterday and today's plans

9:00 am Break-out session V: Synthesis and prioritization of previous days' discussion, discussion of workshop products Groups to draft two items: 1) An “elevator speech” that sums up key recommendations 2) Draft table of contents for report

10:30 am Break

10:45 am Plenary discussion: final workshop recommendations and key points

11:45 am Wrap-up: plan for products, timeline, responsibilities

12:00 pm Workshop adjourns

The Workshop Organizing Committee and a few additional participants will convene in the afternoon for writing/product development