The purpose of the meeting is to review and adapt existing guidance about culturally responsive instructional strategies and/or to develop new guidance and resources. The goal of the working group is to assist marine researchers in improving the cultural responsiveness of the outreach activities they plan and implement in Alaska communities.

Meeting Organizer and Contact: Marilyn Sigman, Alaska Sea Grant (msigman [at]
Facilitator: Jonella Larson White, The Foraker Group

Background Materials

Below are links to background material that will be used for referencing during the working group meeting. They are not complete references or bodies of work and shouldn't be used as literature citations.

Download Cultural Refs in Alaska State Science Standards and NGSS (PDF - 23 KB)

Download Guidance from Indigenous Communities and Peoples(PDF - 49 KB)

Download Guidance from Scientific Community (PDF - 84 KB)

Download Guidelines from Assembly of AK Native Educators (PDF - 82 KB)

Download Additional Guidance from Educators (PDF - 209 KB)

Download Annotated Bibliography (PDF - 302 KB)

Here are some additional resources that have been suggested by the workshop participants:
Stop Talking
Including the North: a comparative study of the policies on inclusion and equity in the Circumpolar North

Meeting Support

The organizers of this meeting would like to thank the following individuals for their support in the Steering Committee: Janet Warburton (ARCUS), Phyllis Carlson (Sealaska Heritage), Katie Spellman (University of Alaska Fairbanks), and Malinda Chase (University of Alaska Fairbanks). Thank you to the following organizations for their support to this workshop.

Alaska Sea GrantNorth Pacific Research BoardUniversity of Alaska FairbanksARCUS


This Working Group will have a very compressed timeline to start the dialog and drafting recommendations and guidelines. The first day will be dedicated to learning about each other, discussing terms and concepts, and then starting to work in small groups. The second day will focus on additional small group work and then proposing next steps in the process.