Oceanic Datasets
Name Variables Temporal Coverage Spatial Coverage Person Organization
Polar Hydrographic Climatology (PHC) temperature and salinity 1998-present; monthly, seasonal and annual averages gridded data of Arctic Ocean and environs

Michael Steele


International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP) position data of real-time sea level pressure, ocean salinity and temperture 1997-present; 12 hourly drifting Arctic buoys

Ignatius Rigor


North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) ocean salinity, sea ice thickness and temperature 2000-present central basin of the Arctic Ocean

Jamie Morison


Polar Exchange at the Sea Surface (POLES) surface air temperature    

Drew Rothrock


Russian Hydrographic Data salinity, depth, and temperature Russian North Pole Station and Sever Program, 1949-1989; 148 stations Minimum Latitude: 70.000000, Minimum Longitude: -180.000000; Maximum Latitude: 90.000000, Maximum Longitude: 180.000000

(within 100 kilometers of the SHEBA drift track)
SHEBA doppler current profiles, biogeochemical, CTD time series, leads, turbulence, satellite images, surface measurements of freezing leads 1997-1998 Icebreaker frozen into the Arctic pack ice and allowed to drift

Richard Moritz


The Environmental Working Group
Arctic Atlases on CD–ROM
salinity, temperture, density and dybamic height, Atlantic water layer depth and profiles & transects 1950-1989; winter and summer Arctic and Atlantic