SEARCH SSC June 2016

SEARCH SSC & AT Leads AdobeConnect Meeting, 16 June 2016, 10AM-11:30AM AKST


SSC Members & Action Team Leads: Caspar Ammann (SSC Chair), Brendan Kelly (SEARCH ED), Betsy Baker, Bob Bindschadler, Marika Holland, Steve Vavrus, Ted Scambos, Breck Bowden, Uma Bhatt, Hajo Eicken, Dee Williams
ARCUS: Bob Rich, Helen Wiggins, Brit Myers, Lisa Sheffield Guy


10:00 am - Welcome & Opening Remarks (Caspar; 5 min)

10:05 am - Cross-cutting Working Groups (Brendan; 25 min)
Read-Ahead X – Cross-cutting working groups memo
Outcome: SSC approval of new work group organization and agreement on each group’s charge.

10:30 am - IARPC & Other Agency Engagement (Brendan; 20 min)
Outcome: Agreement on formalized IARPC engagement plan, including engagement in Collaboration Teams
Outcome: Agreement on priority agencies & opportunities to target for SEARCH support. Identify leads to assist with key agency interactions.

10:50 am - New SSC member selection updates (Brendan; 10 min)

11:00 am - Informing Policy Makers (Brendan; 25 min)
See Brendan’s June 8 email outlining opportunity

11:25 am - Other Announcements? (All; 5 min)

11:30am Adjourn Meeting