The SEARCH Communications Working Group (CWG) is an ad hoc, short-term working group convened in March 2016 to provide advice to the SEARCH Science Steering Committee (SSC) on a coordinated SEARCH communications strategy. The Working Group reports to the SSC. CWG term ends June 2016.


The role of the Working Group is to identify:

  • Key goals and audiences for SEARCH communications efforts.
  • Suggested communication tools/types and formats (web, printed, etc.).
  • Mechanisms to ensure coordinated outward communications across all SEARCH components (e.g., Action Teams, overall program).
  • Priorities for communication activities.


Membership of the working group is composed of representatives from various SEARCH groups, partners, and others to provide the needed expertise. Project management support is provided by ARCUS.


Allen Pope
National Snow and Ice Data Center

Bob Bindschadler
SEARCH Science Steering Committee
SEARCH Land Ice Action Team

Brendan Kelly (Lead)
SEARCH Executive Director
SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team Member

Christina Schädel
Northern Arizona University
SEARCH Permafrost Action Team Staff

Jessica Rohde
Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee

Olivia Lee
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Matthew Druckenmiller
Rutgers University
SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team Staff


Helen Wiggins, Lisa Sheffield Guy, & Brit Myers
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S.

Working Group Final Report

SEARCH Communications Working Group Final Report