Science Steering Committee (SSC)

Last updated: September 2015

Caspar Ammann
Caspar Ammann, SEARCH SSC Chair
Climate Science and Applications Program, Research Applications Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research
3450 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, Colorado 80307-3000
Phone: 303-497-1705
Hajo Eicken
Hajo Eicken, SEARCH SSC Past-Chair
Geophysical Institute and International Arctic Research Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks
PO Box 757320
930 N Koyukuk Dr
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7320
Phone: 907-474-7280
Betsy Baker
Betsy Baker, SEARCH SSC
Vermont Law School and University of Washington School of Law in Alaska
3840 Richard Evelyn Byrd St #B
Anchorage, Alaska 99517-2345
Phone: 907-793-7046
Uma Bhatt
Department of Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska Fairbanks
PO Box 757320
930 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-7340
Phone: (907) 474-2662
Robert Bindschadler
Robert Bindschadler, SEARCH SSC
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
271 Gustavson Rd
Quilcene, Washington 98376
Phone: 360-775-5864
Breck Bowden
William (Breck) Bowden, SEARCH SSC
Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources
University of Vermont
304 George D. Aiken Center
81 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, Vermont 05405
Phone: 802-656-2513
Courtney Corothers
Courtney Carothers, SEARCH SSC
School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks
1007 West 3rd Avenue, Suite 100
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone: 907-375-1412
Marika Holland
Marika Holland, SEARCH SSC
Climate and Global Dynamics Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
PO Box 3000
Boulder, Colorado 80307
Phone: (303) 497-1734
George Kling
George Kling, SEARCH SSC
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Michigan
830 North University
2019 Kraus Natural Science Building
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1048
Phone: 734-647-0894
Karen Pletnikoff
Karen Pletnikoff, SEARCH SSC
Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc.
1131 East International Airport Road
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
Phone: 907-222-4286
Stephen Vavrus
Stephen Vavrus, SEARCH SSC
Center for Climatic Research
University of Wisconsin Madison
1105 Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science Bldg.
1225 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1695
Phone: (608) 265-5279
Dee Williams
Dee Williams, SEARCH SSC
Environmental Studies Management Section
Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
3801 Centerpoint Drive
Suite 500
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: 907-334-5283