Observing the Arctic environment is key to understanding and predicting future Arctic changes, and applies to all of SEARCH’s science goals.

Arctic Observing Working Group

The Arctic Observing Working Group’s charge is to outline mechanisms by which SEARCH can help the U.S. research community prioritize sustained observing across the Arctic.

Working Group Members

  • George Kling (Chair), University of Michigan, gwk [at] umich.edu
  • Brendan Kelly, University of Alaska Fairbanks, bpkelly [at] alaska.edu
  • Hajo Eicken, University of Alaska Fairbanks, heicken [at] alaska.edu
  • Craig Lee, University of Washington, craig [at] apl.washington.edu
  • Sandy Starkweather, NOAA, sandy.starkweather [at] noaa.gov
  • Ignatius Rigor, University of Washington, ignatius [at] apl.washington.edu

Arctic Observing Products and Activities

SEARCH publications and products related to Arctic observing can be found here.

Past Observing meetings can be found through our meetings page; any future meetings will be announced via ArcticInfo.

Past Observing Change Panel

In 2014, SEARCH transitioned away from the previous structure with panels for Observing Change, Understanding Change, and Responding to Change; the work of the former Observing Change Panel (OCP) was transitioned to the current Arctic Observing Working Group.