Arctic/Inuit/Connections: Learning from the Top of the World

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Conferences and Workshops
24 October 2012 to 28 October 2012
Washington, D.C.

The 18th Inuit Studies Conference will be hosted by the Smithsonian Institution and will be held in Washington, DC. The conference will consider heritage museums and the North; globalization: an Arctic story; power, governance and politics in the North; the 'new' Arctic: social, cultural and climate change; and Inuit education, health, language, and literature.

The 2012 conference will be held in various Smithsonian museums. Several special Inuit-themed exhibitions will be displayed across the Institution. Opportunities for visiting collections, archives, and laboratories are available.

The conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including climate change and indigenous people; international cooperation in the Arctic; roles of museums and museum collections in preserving Inuit languages, heritage, and culture; governmental programs in the northern regions and their interactions with local communities; and Inuit cultural/political

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