Event Dates
2011-06-20 - 2011-06-22
Washington, D.C.

This symposium addresses present and future impacts of rapid changes in Arctic Ocean sea ice cover on a wide range of maritime operations. The forum, the fourth in a series, is a key opportunity for federal entities to discuss their response to changes in both the Arctic environment and associated policies. A history of the previous meetings and a list of topics that may be discussed are both available at:

The symposium provides a unique high-level overview of the latest activities and plans of key agencies in response to an increasingly accessible Arctic Ocean. It also serves to further publicize results and
outcomes from efforts such as the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment (AMSA) and the CNO Naval War College Global Shipping Game. As in prior
symposia, the 2011 gathering will continue to provide an opportunity to review changes in arctic sea ice conditions observed over the previous two years, evaluate advances in sea ice seasonal and climate forecast model predictions, and discuss the impact of environmental conditions on naval and maritime operations.

Registration, program and logistic information for the three-day symposium will be available at:

Event Type
Conferences and Workshops