Event Type
Conferences and Workshops
Event Dates
2024-05-15 - 2024-05-17
University of Bergen, Norway

Human geographies of climate change adaptation - An international scientific conference

15-16 May 2024, with social activities on 17 May, after the Norway national day’s parade.

Bergen, Norway.

Participants Targeted
Whether or not you have a degree in human geography, we want to hear from you if you are researching climate change adaptation through a human geography lens.

Conference Themes

Theme #1 — Adaptation in the Arctic: lessons that can be learned from the Arctic in terms of how rapid climate change is experienced and responded to, with insights on, for example, maladaptation, climate justice and adaptation processes.

Theme #2 — Adaptation limits: are we pursuing the pointless?

Theme #3 — Political economies of adaptation: insights on power and justice.

Theme #4 — Methodologies for just adaptation: approaches to (i) studying and understanding adaptation; (ii) combining multiples sources of knowledge, namely Indigenous, practitioners, scientific and local; and (iii) engaging communities and decision makers.

Theme #5 — Adaptation metrics and assessments: approaches to (i) shaping up the adaptation metrics dialogue, to avoid a reductionist quantitative exercise; and (ii) synthesising the rapidly expanding adaptation knowledge base and creating usable science, to inform decision making processes, the global stocktake, and IPCC and other assessments, for example through machine learning and artificial intelligence, systematic reviews, and meta-syntheses.

Theme #6 — Adaptation practice: insights on (i) social innovation; (ii) cross-scalar measures that transcend governance levels and North-South divides; and (iii) alternatives to the anthropocentrism inherent to current adaptation policy.