Speaking: Alina Bykova, The Arctic Institute

Event Dates
Online: 8:00-9:00 am AKDT, 12:00-1:00 pm EDT

Join Migration in Harmony Research Coordination Network for a fireside chat with expert Alina Bykova to examine the transformation of Svalbard from a primarily mining-focused region to a modern and economically diverse archipelago in the High North. This chat will discuss important moments in Svalbard’s modern history and show that affairs on the archipelago were, and still are, more than a geopolitical rivalry between Norway and Russia. Through a lively discussion, this event will add nuance to current debates about the role of politics and resources on the archipelago base on Bykoba's groundbreaking report published by The Arctic Institute.

Migration in Harmony is a Research Coordination Network on Arctic migrations funded by the National Science Foundation. They are a network of researchers, practitioners, and traditional knowledge holders working to synthesize current research, jointly identify and prioritize research topics, and build collaborative project teams to support a resilient, just, and sustainable Arctic in motion.


Alina Bykova is a Research Associate and the Editor-in-Chief of the editing team at The Arctic Institute. Her research focuses on Arctic and Soviet environmental history with a focus on energy and industry and she is currently Alina writing her dissertation on the history of extraction on Svalbard, Norway at Stanford University. Prior to her work in academia, she completed a Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University and worked as a breaking news reporter at the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper.

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Webinars and Virtual Events