Event Dates
2023-09-27 - 2023-09-28
Washington, DC

The Wilson Center, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the US Coast Guard, US Department of State, Battelle, Lindblad Expeditions, and Hurtigruten Expeditions, is hosting the first-ever conference on Antarctic policy in Washington, DC, with the aim of elevating dialogue on Antarctica’s connection to key U.S. national interests.

Speakers and panels will explore the future of Antarctica and its treaty system in the face of global competition and attempts to undermine the rules-based order. The crucial role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in global climate will be emphasized, as well as key policy issues relating to fisheries, tourism, conservation, and scientific research. The conference will raise awareness of core U.S. national interests in Antarctica, and highlight urgent priorities for the U.S. to retain its leadership and build key relationships to meet urgent challenges.

Please register, and contact polar [at] wilsoncenter.org with any questions.

Event Type
Conferences and Workshops