Book Roundtable - Debating Arctic Security

Selected Writings by Rob Huebert and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, 2010-2021

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 20 January 2022

Where: Online: 10:00 am AKST, 2:00 pm EST

More information: 
Link to Webinar Webpage


To register for this Zoom Webinar please visit the link above.

NAADSN will be hosting a Book Roundtable on Debating Arctic Security: Selected Writings by Rob Huebert and P. Whitney Lackenbauer, 2010-2021. The book can be found here and on the landing page.

This event will feature discussion with the authors, Dr. Rob Huebert (Associate Professor, University of Calgary and NAADSN Coordinator) and Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer (Canada Research Chair in the Study of the Canadian North at Trent University and NAADSN Lead) moderated by Dr. Kari Roberts (Associate Professor of Political Science at Mount Royal University in Calgary and NAADSN Member). Joining us as discussants is Dr. Heather Exner-Pirot (Senior Policy Analyst, Macdonald Laurier Institute and NAADSN Coordinator), Dr. Suzanne Lalonde (Professor of International Law, Université de Montréal and NAADSN Coordinator), Dr. Will Greaves (Assistant Professor, International Relations at the University of Victoria and NAADSN Coordinator), and Ryan Dean (PhD. Candidate at the Department of Political Science, University of Calgary and NAADSN Fellow).