Women + Water Lecture Series: Women in the Field

Event Type: Webinars and Virtual Events

When: 8 April 2021

Where: Online: 9:30 am AKDT, 1:30 pm EDT

More information: 
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The Women and Water Lecture Series will showcase research, support young professionals and provide a space for dialogue and networking. Additionally, the series will explore water-related challenges, roles of women in water, gendered water-related impacts, women researchers in water, and challenges and opportunities facing female water researchers.


Stephanie Pow
Stephanie is a graduate of the Water Resource Engineering Technology program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Palliser Campus. She has worked at Environment Canada and Climate Change with Water Survey of Canada for 15 years. She graduated from the departments’ apprenticeship program as Hydrometric Technologist. She has held several supervisory roles within the department. She was promoted to Head of Operations of Saskatchewan in March 2020.

Lorelei Ford
Lorelei Ford, M.E.S., is a Water Quality Ecologist with the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. She has worked in the fields of fisheries, limnology, and unregulated drinking water over her 17 years in government. Her primary responsibility is to ensure the monitoring and reporting of water quality for streams, rivers, and lakes in Saskatchewan.

Lindsey Langs
Lindsey is a Research Officer and Technician working at the Centre for Hydrology’s Coldwater Lab in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, based in Canmore, AB. She completed her M.Sc degree in forest hydrology at the University of Waterloo, and continues to apply her field and research experience within the Mountain Water Futures project, pulling from 5 years of field-based experience.