Call for Papers Deadline: Special Issue "Hydrology of the Arctic Region"

Event Type: Deadlines

When: 31 March 2021


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The Arctic system is experiencing the effects of global change, especially atmospheric warming, to a degree equal to or greater than that in any other region on the planet. Arctic water and energy cycles are embedded deeply into these changes and in defining both the Arctic and Earth system response. A broad spectrum of observational evidence suggests a potentially intensified high latitude water cycle and significant changes in different components of Arctic hydrology, including changes in river flow and river biogeochemistry, permafrost degradation and melting of glaciers, lengthened 
ice-free period in lakes and rivers, disappearance of 
lakes, and reductions in snow cover and river/lake ice thickness. This Special Issue invites papers focusing on the quantification of contemporary changes in various components of the Arctic hydrological system and on assessment of the potential causes of these changes through analysis of various data (ground, field, remote sensing) and/or numerical modeling. We also invite publications discussing and analyzing future changes in Arctic hydrological processes in different scales from local to regional and continental.

Dr. Alexander Shiklomanov
Guest Editor

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