SIOS Terrestrial Remote Sensing Training (TRST) Course in Svalbard

Event Type: Field Training and Schools

When: 31 August 2020 to 4 September 2020

Where: Online

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SIOS will offer a training course on how to effectively use remote sensing data acquired from satellites, from the air or from the ground, and their associated tools and software in the context of terrestrial research in Svalbard. The course is intended for field scientists, Ph.D. students and technicians with no or little experience with remote sensing techniques. The training will be delivered by remote sensing experts from SIOS member institutions, international teachers and potential virtual talks from ESA experts.

Please note that you need to register beforehand to be able to attend the lectures and the hands-on sessions. Please follow the link above.

Goal of the training

The goal of the course is to teach participants the basic skills needed to work independently to acquire, analyse and visualize terrestrial data sets derived from a variety of close to very long-range sources.


Many field scientists, from SIOS member institutions, have been working on research projects which would greatly benefit from the addition of a richer set of remote sensing viewpoints. However, they may lack the necessary training required to make easy but effective use of freely available data sets, tools, and software, as well as to plan and execute research-grade field remote sensing acquisitions. Ph.D. students from SIOS member institutions who are about to begin careers using remote sensing as an integral part of their research projects can also benefit from this training course.

Find out more: 
Link to Training Webpage