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Online: 4:00 am AKDT, 7:00 am EDT

Human migration is projected as one of the greatest adverse impacts of climate change with future flows of climate migrants, also referred to as climate refugees, predicted at 200 million by 2050 (IPCC 2006).To address this intense and complex climate change impact, the Belmont Forum is excited to announce the scoping of a new international funding opportunity focused on Migration and Climate Change. We invite you to participate in a special online meeting to share your expert perspective of the state of the science as it relates to research and societal needs in Migration. We will ultimately incorporate your input into the development of research themes for an international call for proposals. Participation in this event does not make you ineligible to submit a proposal once the call is finalized and released.

The scoping meeting will be held online on July 10, 2020 at 11am UTC using a government-secured Zoom license to bring together stakeholders from multiple disciplines interested in Migration on various scales. Since Migration and Climate Change is a multifaceted issue, it would benefit from the collaboration of many knowledge types and international resource partners with diverse perspectives. Thus, the term stakeholder is used in its broadest sense as it includes communities, policymakers, business and industry, unionized bodies, tribal organizations, NGOs and many others. Accordingly, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to co-design a funding call based on the collection of adept input.

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