Ground Truth Briefing: A Stronger International Regime for the Arctic Ocean?

Speaking: Ambassador David Balton and Dr. Andrei Zagorski

Event Type: Other

When: 4 June 2020

Where: Teleconference: 6:00-7:00 am AKDT, 10:00-11:00 am EDT

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Please note: Ground Truth Briefings are conducted exclusively by phone. There will be no physical meeting at the Wilson Center.

As the Arctic Ocean becomes more accessible due to climate change, governments and Arctic stakeholders are scrambling to keep up with increasing human activities in the region. Nations concerned have taken several steps to manage these activities, but current international arrangements will likely prove to be insufficient as the Arctic Ocean continues to change in profound ways.

Ambassador David Balton and Dr. Andrei Zagorski have recently co-authored a ground-breaking article analyzing the situation, "Implementing Marine Management in the Arctic." These two authors—one from the United States and one from Russia—have drawn on their long diplomatic and academic involvement with the Arctic to provide a candid assessment of the challenges confronting the Arctic Ocean and the limitations of the current international regime. Balton and Zagorski also offer a number of concrete suggestions for strengthening this regime, in both near-term and long-term.

The Wilson Center's Polar Institute and the Russian International Affairs Council, with the support of WWF, are pleased to invite you to a discussion with Ambassador Balton and Dr. Zagorski to consider these matters.

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