Event Type
Event Dates
2020-07-20 - 2020-07-31
Isaac Newton Institute (INI), Cambridge, United Kingdom

Update: Following the outbreak of COVID19, this event has been postponed to 19 to 30 September 2022.

This two-week workshop at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) will build on the successful scientific programme SIP’17 with a similar title that took place at the INI from 21/08/2017 to 20/12/2017. This programme stimulated new areas of enquiry and consolidation of existing work that is continuing. The aims of the present workshop are to support these advances, to give an extra impulse to new research on the mathematics of sea ice, and to review the progress achieved after the SIP’17 programme. The continuing changes in the Earth’s polar sea-ice covers under global warming make advances in the mathematics of sea ice timelier than ever.

Recognizing this urgency and the need for succession planning, the follow-on workshop will include a Summer School for early career researchers with lectures on ice models, ice physics and research challenges. An Industrial Day and a half-day colloquium with the British Antarctic Survey are also planned. Topics of the talks and discussions during the proposed workshop will include but are not limited to:

  • Large-scale ice models for offshore engineering and shipping, environmental or climate modelling
  • Multi-scale ice modelling through several scales
  • Quantification of uncertainties in ice modelling
  • Parsimonious models of continuous and broken ice

Please follow the link above for more details.

Deadline for applications: 19 April 2020.