Recent Disturbance and Recovery of Terrestrial Arctic and Boreal Ecosystems

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 14 February 2020

Where: Cambridge, United Kingdom

More information: 
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The organising committee is pleased to announce a one-day workshop to be held in Cambridge on Friday 14 February 2020. The theme of the workshop is 'recent disturbance and recovery of terrestrial arctic and boreal ecosystems', where 'disturbance' can be at any spatial or temporal scale, i.e. including but not restricted to climate-induced changes. It arises from an ongoing collaboration between UK and Russian scientists who are studying the response of Russian boreal forest to 21st century climate change, and is conceived as a networking event. Come and find new colleagues! We will be especially pleased to have contributions that focus on the use of remote sensing methods. We expect the format to include longer presentations, a 'quick-fire' session with single slides presented in 3-5 minutes, a poster session, and a round-table. Lunch will be provided.