Proposal Deadline: National Science Foundation Solicitation Navigating the New Arctic (NNA)

Event Type: Deadlines

When: 11 February 2020


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The National Science Foundation (NSF) announces the release of the new Fiscal Year 2020 solicitation for the Navigating the New Arctic (NNA) NSF Big Idea.

Navigating the New Arctic, one of NSF's 10 Big Ideas, embodies the Foundation's forward-looking response to the profound challenges detailed in the Synopsis above. NNA addresses convergent scientific, engineering, and educational challenges in, and related to, the rapidly changing Arctic. The solutions to these challenges are needed to understand and forecast environmental change; advance economic prosperity; promote human and ecological health; and preserve security for the United States, the circumpolar Arctic region, and the globe.

NNA encourages proposals for projects that leverage partnerships to address fundamental science issues of societal importance and disseminate their results. These may include projects with stakeholders such as state and local governments; other nations and international groups with interests in the Arctic; the private sector; science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educators and students; and community members. Given the extensive Indigenous presence in the Arctic and the broad local and traditional knowledge Indigenous people have regarding the changing Arctic, NSF encourages direct collaboration with Indigenous residents and local institutions and organizations at all project stages, as appropriate.

NNA strongly encourages projects with components that advance STEM education, public understanding of the changing Arctic to benefit both citizens and policy makers, and workforce development objectives. These efforts may include strengthening STEM education in northern communities specifically and the rest of the nation generally and developing the next generation of Arctic-related researchers. NSF also recognizes the inherently international nature of the Arctic region, and that impacts of Arctic changes span geographic and political boundaries, and encourages proposals that include significant international components.

Please follow the link above for the full solicitation.

Full proposal deadline: 11 February 2020, 5:00 p.m. submitter’s local time.

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Link to Complete Solicitation