Event Type
Conferences and Workshops
Event Dates
2019-09-30 - 2019-10-03
Copenhagen, Denmark

Ice drills are crucial to access ice for climate research and other studies of the water and basal conditions under glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets. The ice related research especially related to understand the past and present climate will improve our ability to predict the impacts under future climate changes. New techniques are rapidly evolving within ice drills and include rapid access drills, replicate drilling and thermal and hot water drilling. This symposium presents a timely opportunity to show recent advances in our knowledge and technological capabilities in ice drilling technology. In addition, the symposium will include the ice drill related themes like ice core handling, borehole logging and ice camp logistics.

Suggested Topics:

  • Ice drilling: Development within shallow, intermediate, deep drills
  • Hot water drilling: Development within shallow, intermediate, deep systems
  • Thermal ice drilling: Hot points techniques and coring abilities
  • Rapid access ice drilling: Development of technologies for rapid access drilling
  • Sampling and clean technologies: Methods for exploration of subglacial environment
  • Probes: Use of ice drills in extraterrestrial investigations
  • Complicated conditions: Conditions like high altitude drilling, warm ice, firn aquifer layers, brittle ice, ice streams complicate ice drilling
  • Special aspects: Ice drilling technology include drilling fluids, control systems, surface and auxiliary equipment and drill cables and hoses
  • Directional drilling: There is a need for replicate sampling in many ice drill projects
  • Ice core handling: Logging and handling ice cores
  • Borehole logging: For drill support and science
  • Logistics: Drill camp operations and future projects
  • New challenges: Future development of ice drilling technology

Other relevant topic suggestions are welcome. If you have such a suggestion please contact icedrillsymposium [at] nbi.ku.dk


  • 16 June 2019: Abstract submission closed
  • 1 September 2019: Registration closed
  • 1 November 2019: Submission of manuscripts will open (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/AOG)
  • 1 May 2020: Deadline for submitting a manuscript for publication in Annals of Glaciology
  • 1 September 2020: Deadline for submitting a final version of final accepted paper