Event Type

Documenting and Understanding Tundra Ecosystem Changes

Event Dates
Parma, Italy

The International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) steering committee invites abstracts for the next ITEX meeting. This meeting will have the theme of Documenting and Understanding Tundra Ecosystem Changes, and will focus on ecological research in Arctic and alpine environments.

Organizers invite abstracts on the following themes:

  • Using nearly 30 years of ITEX observations to understand tundra ecosystem dynamics
  • Plant traits and ecosystem dynamics in tundra ecosystems
  • Biotic interactions in a warmer tundra: plants, herbivores, pollinators, mycorrhiza, and pests
  • Planning the next wave of ITEX syntheses

Organizers do not wish these themes to be exclusive and welcome abstract submission for oral and poster presentations regarding the spectrum of activities relevant to ITEX.

One task of this meeting will be the presentation and finalization of papers to be included in the special issue on Arctic Science.

Abstracts should be submitted via email to alessandro.petraglia [at] unipr.it and michele.carbognani [at] unipr.it

Abstract submission deadline: 23 June 2019