Sea Ice at the Interface

Event Dates

The International Glaciological Society will hold the next International Symposium on Sea Ice in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 18–23 August 2019.

Sea ice plays a critically important yet highly dynamic role in global climate, polar marine ecosystems, globalization and indigenous cultures. Ongoing dramatic changes to the sea-icescape and freshwater–marine coupling, particularly involving ice sheets, glaciers, ice shelves, sea-ice loss and continental runoff, have major implications for climate within and beyond the polar regions, environmental and ecological integrity, and regional and global socioeconomic development. This symposium presents a timely opportunity to show recent advances in our knowledge and technological capabilities in sea-ice related research. In addition, the symposium will encourage holistic discussions amongst scientists, stakeholders and policy makers regarding the most recent changes, long-term trends and variability in the sea-ice environment in both hemispheres, and how best to engage and communicate with the general public.

True to tradition, the symposium will include oral and poster sessions interlaced with ample free time to facilitate the interactions of the participants. Additional activities include an opening Icebreaker, a Banquet dinner and a selection of activity during the mid-symposium Wednesday afternoon break (21 August). A post-symposium excursion to Churchill, Manitoba is also planned.

Participants who wish to present a paper (oral or poster) at the Symposium will be required to submit an abstract by 20 March 2019. Abstracts need to be submitted via the IGS website. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the Symposium website.

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