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The 15th Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Polar Meteorology and Oceanography Committee, will be held 19-23 May 2019, at the Williams Village Dining Center and Community Commons on the University of Colorado-Boulder Campus. The conference will kick-off with an evening icebreaker on Sunday 19th May and will be followed by four days of scientific sessions.

Papers are solicited on all aspects of polar meteorology and oceanography, including but not limited to the following:

  • Climate variability and change in the polar regions
  • Rapid environmental change in the polar regions
  • Interactions among polar atmosphere-ocean-land-ice components
  • High latitude atmospheric and oceanic dynamics
  • Boundary layer processes, polar clouds, precipitation, and aerosols
  • Weather and climate modelling in the polar regions
  • Connections of the polar regions with the tropics and midlatitudes
  • Sea ice variability, modeling, and change
  • The state of the cryosphere
  • Reducing sea ice projection uncertainty through increased process-understanding
  • The evolution, formation, and impacts of Arctic cyclones
  • Polar amplification effects on large scale midlatitude weather systems

Abstract Deadline: 18 January, 2019.