Event Type

Polar-izing your Science Impacts: Turn your Research into Science Stories and Take Science Stories to the Classroom

Event Dates

Organizers invite applications for a science communication workshop for scientists. This workshop will convene 9-11 January 2019 at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.

Workshop Description:

Good science storytelling is a powerful way to bring public attention to remote areas like the polar regions. Stories about the changing poles are common, but don’t capture the complexity of the data. Organizers invite participants to explore these issues in a two-day workshop and learn how to tell compelling science stories and bring data driven, critical analysis to the undergraduate classroom.

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Present their latest polar science research
  • Learn science communication skills and techniques
  • Receive classroom ready, pre-packed polar science modules complete with video tutorials that can be integrated into the classroom
  • Participate in a journal manuscript on creating and critically analyzing polar science stories with available databases
  • Participate in the continued development of Polar Literacy Principles

Participation will be limited to 40 scientists. A limited number of travel funds/scholarships are available for advanced graduate student applicants.

Application deadline: 1 December 2018.