Event Type
Conferences and Workshops
Event Dates
2018-09-17 - 2018-09-19
Warsaw, Poland

The 2018 Polar CORDEX Meeting is organized with the financial support from the funds of the Leading National Research Centre (KNOW) received by the Centre for Polar Studies for the period 2014–18, the World Climate Research Programme, and the Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project.

Overall workshop objectives:

The primary goal of the meeting is to review the status of on-going Polar CORDEX activities and to plan and coordinate future activities. First results of the pre-MOSAiC intercomparison based on ACSE2014 observations and next steps will be discussed. This will be a joint Arctic- and Antarctic-Polar CORDEX meeting, enabling participants from both communities to benefit by interacting closely. There will be plenty of time for discussions. All research groups that have started or are planning to contribute to Polar CORDEX activities, either by performing simulations or analysing Polar CORDEX data, are welcome to give presentations on their activities.

Preliminary Agenda:
Some initial ideas for sessions are for the following topics:

  • Model evaluation
  • Coupled modelling
  • Process based studies
  • Projections
  • Impact studies
  • Future activities/plans
  • Stakeholder/user engagement


Please register for the 2018 Polar CORDEX meeting by filling out the registration form at: http://bit.ly/2EuEk8Z

If you are giving a presentation, then please send a title and short abstract to Marzena Osuch, Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences at: marz[@]igf.edu.pl

The deadline for registration is 15 September 2018.