Cryospheric Science with ICESat-2 Hackweek

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 17 June 2019 to 21 June 2019

Where: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

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The Polar Science Center at the University of Washington, in collaboration with the eScience Institute and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), announce a “hackweek” for Cryospheric Science with ICESsat-2 (CSI).

The ICESat-2 Cryospheric Science Hackweek will bring together experts from the ICESat-2 science team, data providers and application program interface (API) designers, and data science experts, with researchers who want hands on experience with using and manipulating geophysical data from ICESat-2. Participants will learn about ICESat-2 fundamentals, data formats, tools, and how to get to results quickly, as well as technologies used to access and process ICESat-2 data with a focus on the cryosphere.

Introductory lectures will be combined with open data exploration, tool development, sample research applications, and community building. Mornings will consist of interactive lectures, and afternoon sessions will involve facilitated exploration of datasets and hands-on software development.

Participants are expected to have some experience with programming and analysis of remote sensing data.

To better design this event, organizers invite those interested to complete a short survey.

Application deadline: 2 November 2018.

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